​​​​​Save Water. Save Time. Save Money.

A simple solution to monitoring water depth.

Disclaimer: Device is meant aid by providing easily accessible and more frequent feedback on field water depth, but is not a replacement for periodically entering and checking fields.  


Stop picking up rocks on the turn-row and throwing them at your field to see the depth of the water. 

With this, all you have to do is drive by your field.

Saving just 1 inch of water translates to 12 Hrs of pumping savings with a 1500 GPM well on a 40 acre field.

This tool has evolved through the years as we have learned to better manage water on our Zero Grade rice ground.  

By more easily monitoring water depth, it is possible to use less water and to decrease unnecessary pumping.

Also check out Rice Checker Junior for use in fields with straight and  contour levees.